Monday, December 16, 2013

Feel one

My preaching is finished,
My preaching is done,
My righteousness is discontinued,
I only now wish just to stay by your side,
To listen, to be and to feel one.


The ghostly ghosts are scattered all around me,
The ghostly time is ghostly passing through,
The ghostly light is shining without hours,
Through ghostly darkness ghosting without hue.

My ghostly image fleets into the ghost sky,
Of ghostly stars that we are passing by,
My ghostly mother, memory of old time
My ghostly father - name inside my mind.

My ghostly spirit seeing its own image
The ghost reflection of its ghostly self,
In ghostly mirror ghost's own nameless vision,
The ghost inside my head is not myself.

My wonder of wonder of wonders

My wonder of wonder of wonders,
Completeness already complete
And hours to hours to hours
I'm Being the Being the It.

Light holds the tensions in its truth

The gleaming of light is endless,
The carriages we're passing through
Are simply reflections of tensions
That light holds inside in its truth.

The IT

I am like the star on a plane
I'm every and one of your starlets,
And seeing I will not complain,
The light that's inside me is boundless.
It pierces through presence and being,
It wishes for me to complete
That which has no end, no beginning,
That's staying here always - The IT.

Stars in the dark

We shine like the stars in the dark
And every step taken is holy
And every one light little spark
Shines brightly and follows its calling.