Thursday, July 3, 2014

Leaving the things

I will leave it,
Because I know it,
Because I share it
 With nothingness.
Because I'm stepping
Into not knowing.
And Now and Here's
The only place.
I will give out,
Because it's prescious,
I will give out,
Because I care,
I will give out
All without questions,
I will give all
I have to spare.
I will give out
So every moment
The burning fire
In my chest
Is always glowing,
Ever growing,
Not leaving nothing -

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Sir Robin and his Merry Men
A-sitting on a log,
And Robin Told them : “Merry men,
Let’s marry lonely folks!”

And Robin told them: “Merry friends,
There’s Marry-Anne for me,
And all of you to meet both ends
Can first clean out the fleas!”

The cleaned the fleas and then he said,
Amongst you, fair and strong,
There is a mighty smell of cheese,
A smell of feet lifelong.

So strong-a-smell, that nearby pigs
Are running to the woods
As people running out with screams
From smell of our boots.

We need-a-washing, but, alas,
Alack is water here,
So, brothers, reach out for the arms,
We’ll conquer water near.

They squeaked and squeezed and sighed and moaned
And then pulled up their pants
And marched hand-holding their bows
Up to the river banks.

They washed themselves, they stole that day
The water from the King
he wouldn’t mind it, they would say,
He gives it to the beasts.

And then they roamed along the path
That’s hidden in the woods
To find damp cloth to wrap their thighs
And to clean dry their boots.

And they were clean and mighty fresh,
Then Robin said:  “Alas!
Now all has gone, we’ve cleaned all day,
The time to marry’s passed”

And so they went into their tents
With brightly shining smiles
Except from Alana, who lost
His lawful bride that night.