Monday, November 11, 2013

Jack Kerouac responses

The tree looks
like a dog
Barking at Heaven

I love this image for the simplicity and animation of the inanimate . It is a simple observation that brings us into the inner world of the artist and merges the tree with the dog in his imagination. The tree is given a doggy action, yet the purpose of this action is very tree like - the tree is reaching into heaven, as trees do, and it's purposeful reaching becomes barking at some point - when the artist sees it and watches the whole picture through the humna eyes. This Haiku is a Hymn to human existance and our ability to merge objects and to play with their meanings. The separation of them, seeming for the mind, dissolves when the imagery is applied in union. in this metaphore the differences disappear and something not combinable fo rthe mind is put together, which s a beautiful purpose of a creation.
I love the images also for their beauty - a dog barking at heaven is a very alive image and use of this image shows the inner true yet many times unnoticed aliveness of the trees. the secret of the trees lies there, too - they are alive,the same way as dogs!
I love this poem.
Aroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!Ruf, Ruf, Ruf!

A black bull
 and a white bird
Standing together on the shore

This image again brings into balance the two seemng opposites in many different forms - it merges together black and white letting them stay in one zone and also brings into one the ephereal bird image with the harsh and down-to-earth image of a bull. They are so different, yet they find a connection and stay together on the shore.
Black and white.... a racial comment?;)
No one said that. Tssssssss......


What is Buddhism?
 - A crazy little
 Bird blub

This message daunts me with its juxtaposition of the grandiousity of the question and the simplicity of the answer, it ultimately says - all the big questions have simple answers which are based on experiential observation of reality. There might be a certain interpretation to what the artist is trying to say - the meaninglessness of big words and Buddhism which he practices in itself is just a crazy little bird blub - it is not the form that matters. Maybe he meant something else, that is how I read it. I may be stereotypically close to truth=)

on the Holy Book -
My knees are cold

this Kerouac's poem is nothing but an observation of the reality. It consists of two parts separated by nature of sensations - in the first half of the poem they are visual and can create thought response, while in the second one the sensation is purely physical and it goes only to the extent of simple noticing of existance of the feeling - the knees are cold. He does not analyse the happening, neither does he offer it any interpretation - it is just what is and breaks up the thought pattern in me that is ready to arise to follow the "Holy Book" name, which is a very beautiful and pleasant effect.
I would love to see people simply noticing that their knees are cold while doing spiritual practices  - or looking at the Holy Books. Books are not the ultimate answer.
Something can be given by them - knowledge, information, but the immediate reality of the moment - the cold knees - is immensely more important.
This opens us to the possibility of being Now, Here every moment.
That's the ultimate truth.

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