Thursday, October 31, 2013

Go there, not knowing where, Find that, not knowing what

Shrink yourself down into the ocean,
Reach deep down for the stars,
Follow the road before beginning,
Grow the roots above the sky,
Fall apart into wholeness,
Come back to the future,
Dissolve into a form,
Think emotions into life,
Believe the box into endlessness,
Catch timelessness with a clock,
Hear a clap with one hand,
Fish a bird from the pool,
Stand walking,
Step out of this moment,
Kill yourself and don't be a killer,
Be a slave to the mind consciously,
Enjoy bitterly,
Dry yourself with water,
Live in the moment of dying,
Grow in a degradation,
Widen into a molecule,
Let the time see you passing,
Know herself,
Shut up the silence,
Scream a taste,
Steal inner peace,
Support the air,
Pretend the innocence,
Judge out of the box,
Lose yourself finding,
Mindfully lead a death,
Surprise the riddle,
Wear eyes on your glasses,
Be in the safety of killing,
Be in danger of a home,
Lock your heart open,
Make a movement in stillness,
Love systematically,
Boil the water down to ice,
Sleep wide awake,
Love your nextdoor alien,
Be sweet like salt,
Glitter like a black hole,
Smile your sadness,
Fall down through imponderability,
Weigh the weightlessness,
Build a city from vacuum,
Follow your directions of my making,
Create yourself before you existed
And always be someone else.

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