Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Write You from a Big letter

"I love your braces" Eric de Barros

they say never judge a book by its cover
and in the same way don’t judge each other
by what we see with our eyes alone
but I can see straight through your bones,
I judge you all by your beautiful faces
I love your acne and your braces
I love your teeth with those gaping spaces
I love your muffin top and your big nose
I love your huge ears and your hairy toes
I love your laugh and how you snort
I love your moles and that big wart
I love you tall and love you short
I love your dimples and pimples and your lazy eye
I love your thighs and that one stye
I love the way you look when you cry
I love you because I know one day you’ll die
I love you in sickness and in health
I love you, because in your eyes I see myself.
they said never judge a book by its cover
and in the same way don’t judge each other
but we are the same person with different proportions
your face is mine, just with a beautiful distortion
your path is mine just from a different perspective
the route is different but to the same objective
and it goes to show, since love is infective
I want you to know now because tomorrow’s too late:
I could not be happier to judge you by your cover
because in your eyes I see my mother
I see my father and my brother
I see my best friend and my lover
I love your vaginas and dicks and all your butt cheeks
I love the way you stutter when you speak
I love how when you try not to sneeze, you squeak
I love your internal strength and your weak physique
I love your weirdness, you fucking freak!
you’ll never be original but you’re already unique.
so by your cover, I’ll keep judging you
because we’re already in love, no matter what you do.

 Write You from a Big letter

Write You from a Big letter,
Why not, if You could forget it?
That You equals I
And I am Alive
As much as You Do.
I see it True,
As much as you Hear
My Truth, that's near.
As much as You bloom,
I blossom too.
As much as We share -
I can't compare
Me to You
Because we live through
Each Other.
And every hour
Like my Mother
You are my Brother,
You are my Sister and my Father
For We are One and only Power.

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